About Sphoodz

Sphoodz Spice & Foods Company has been established in December 2020. Though we are new in this industry our emphasis is on the Quality of the products as we believe in the philosophy "Customers are pleased by Quality and not the Quantity".

Our unique research methodology helps us understand the latest food and spice preferences, keeping in mind geographical locations and traditional cuisines of any particular region. Our spices have superior quality and an aroma of their own, which will surely make your cooking special, extraordinary and enjoyable.

We have variety of products with a perfect combination and blend of spices to enhance the taste and aroma of the food to be cooked. Our Products include Garam Masala , Chicken Masala, Mutton Masala, Biryani Masala, Egg Curry Masala, Malvani Masala, Sambar Masala, Pav bhaji Masala, Sabji Masala, Sunday Masala. We also have Basic Grounded spices like Chili Powder, Coriander Powder, Turmeric Powder & Whole Spices.

Why choose Sphoodz

We maintain highest standards in all our products
Using selected pure ingredients which maintain the authenticity of the spices in terms of aroma, flavour & quality
Catering to every section of the market by producing in various sizes (10gms pouch to 1KG pack)
Ensuring High Hygiene & Superior taste

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to produce and deliver supreme quality spices in a safe and environment friendly manner. We are committed to innovation for better sustainability of farmers and satisfaction for our customers.

Our mission is to become one of the most trusted brands in authentic Indian spices. Our motto is to provide premium quality, natural products at affordable prices.